So, you’re feeling sluggish? Waking up later than you usually would? Eating leftovers and
takeout like it’s going out of fashion? Well, you’re not alone.

We’re all feeling it after the year that was, looking onto a new year bursting with
opportunities and new challenges.

It’s overwhelming to say the least, we get it. But getting back into your healthy routine
doesn’t have to be. Trust me, it can actually be way less intimidating than it may seem.

To help us all add a touch of health to our first steps into 2022, here’s a few tips and tricks
that we’re hoping will kickstart our 2022 fitness journeys, and yours too.

1. Rest up first.

Get your sleeping schedule back in line before you go waking up at the crack of dawn to
run practice half marathons or strenuous bootcamps. Start winding down earlier, cutting
back on caffeine in the afternoons and aim to sleep a full night’s sleep. Above exercising,
eating right and staying hydrated, sleeping truly is the most important aspect to a
healthy lifestyle and it will have obvious positive flow on effects to all aspects of your

2. Invest in good work out gear

From the ground up, you should be looking after yourself properly. If you don’t already,
source some proper workout shoes at the very least that will keep your feet and spine
supported throughout any and all exercise you put your body through. Also, a new
bright and fun workout outfit could make you feel more positive about upping your
weekly gym sessions, it could even get you excited.

3. Incorporate a social element

From lifting weights, to strolling through the park, do it with a pal. Get moving with
friends and family you have less time to see once work is back. Pinpoint the people you
spent time with over the holidays who make you feel your best and invest time in those
relationships, you’ll notice the difference inside and out. You can even link up with your
friends on fitness apps like Strava and Nike Run Club to motivate each other to keep it

4. Find the movement to suit you

Maybe this year isn’t the year for running marathons and power lifting. Instead, try out a
range of movement from stretching to swimming, to see what best suits your body, time
and energy. If your menstruation cycle is an added barrier to moving, check out online
workout space ANNAMO or Good Times Pilates for some workouts tailored to each
stage of your cycle.

5. Mindfully consume

Whether that’s incorporating more wholefoods into your diet, hydrating your body
properly with nutrient rich beverages like cactus water, or minimising your screen time –
opt for the healthier option when you feel up to it. Your body and mind will thank you
for it and you’ll find your energy stores will rapidly increase.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Last up on the list and probably the most important, give yourself a bit of slack! We all
know the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’, but it’s just as true as it is corny. Get
back into movement and healthy living at your own pace. Don’t beat yourself up if
you’re a bit slower than usual to get back on the wagon because healthy changes aren’t
meant to be made in a day. Take it as it comes.

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