Kapowder International Womens Day

Boss ladies.

Though the ratio of men to women in founding and owning roles is still incredibly skewed, there are a growing number of women here in Australia kicking goals in this space. With this year’s International Women’s Day upon us, we decided to showcase some of our favourite Australian home-grown wellness brands – started, managed and refined by fabulous females. 

In addition to the line-up, our very own Jacqui, one half of the BetterDays founding team, is yet another fantastic female making waves as an entrepreneur in a male dominated industry.

With this year’s theme being ‘Break the Bias’, it only seems appropriate to cheer on the female bosses that are doing just that. Read on to learn about some of our most inspirational founders and bask in their successes below.


Fuelled by a fierce Australian female team, KAPOWDER is the dietary supplement brand that does it all and does it well. Founded by Sara Davey in 2014, she said “KAPOWDER was created to make it easy, affordable and cool to be healthy.” With the vision to position health and wellness supplements as just as important as skincare and makeup products are to beauty and style with Australian women. Since then, they’ve taken their signature formulas to an international market. Along with her co-owner, Valentina Ferrer, Sara works with their trained specialists and nutritionists to continue refining the products and grow the company. 

Kapowder Brand Photo 1
Kapowder Brand Photo 2

BREAD Beauty Supply 

Curly locked lovers; BREAD Beauty Supply has the nourishment you’ve been searching for. The essential hair care brand for folk who want the best hair they can get; BREAD was founded by the wonderful Maeva Helene just a couple of years ago in 2020. Growing up around her mum’s braiding salon, she fell in love with the process of hair care – the “smells and sights and textures” – from a young age. After spending her early career in the corporate beauty space, Maeva felt her coiled and textured hair was widely excluded from mainstream beauty trends. And so, BREAD was born into this niche as the clean and practical hair treatment solution for women, girls and people like her. With a cult following online and international success, we’re sure Maeva’s made her mum proud.

Maeva Bread Beauty Supply
Bread Beauty Supply Image


Born from a need to shake up the sexual wellness industry, young entrepreneurs Eloise O’Sullivan and Eloise McCullough established FIGR just last year. The budding startup creates luxurious lubricant that’s fuss free and comes packaged in an aesthetically beautiful glass bottle that looks great on everyone’s bedside table. Not only do the pair retail fabulous lube that’s intended for everyone, they also exist online to spark open conversations about sexual health and stigmas surrounding pleasure. While there’s still so much shame around buying and using products like lubricant, the FIGR girls are here to stamp out the misconceptions around these products and to encourage better, healthier sex.

Figr Product Shot


Adding some sparkle to the oral care industry, Gem retails non-toxic and pro-biotic teeth and mouth care products for modern people. With a clear focus on natural formulas from the start, Georgia Geminder founded the company after years immersed in the beauty industry. It was there she learnt about the importance of gut health, microbiomes and natural products, and eventually the idea for Gem was born. Made obvious through her work at Gem, Georgia believes “natural products that actually work, should be available to everyone, and everyone deserves to feel nurtured in their daily rituals."

Gem Kind Toothpaste

Ultra Violette

A true revolutionary in the world of skincare passed SPF, after just over two years in the scene Ultra Violette is leading a new generation of sunscreen in Australia. Founded by Ava Matthews and Bec Jefferd, the pair have garnered a dedicated fan base thanks to their fabulous SKINSCREEN™. SPF. Both beauty industry veterans, they saw a gap in the market for a range of sunscreens that looks great, feels nice and works hand-in-hand with your skincare regime. “Of all the anti-ageing products available on the market, sunscreen is the single most important one," said co-founder Bec Jefferd. Ultra Violette does this with ease by future proofing your skin with their formula in a way that’s beautiful, fun and above all effective.

Ultra Violette Founders


Driven by a desire to open up a discussion around intimate wellbeing, Alisha Williams began modern sex and intimacy care goods company rosewell in mid-2019. Noticing a lack of education and representation in the sex toy industry, rosewell came into existence as a way to improve consumer experiences in this space, to put the users at the centre of their pleasure, rather than isolate them. Irrespective of gender, experience and preferences, the brand has become a safe space for everyone to express their sexuality in a way that feels most comfortable and authentic to them.

Rosewell Sex Toys
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