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with Phoebe Pojo

by Ruby Staley

Location: USA

Instagram Handle: @pojo

Profession: Model, podcast host and vegan foodie

Lover of all things food, digital creator and professional model, Pojo, is a huge advocate for promoting positive relationships with our body and the food we eat.

Kicking off 2016, her project Models That Eat began as a simple Instagram account. Firstly, just documenting the food her and her friends would eat between shows at Fashion Week, Pojo realised people were interested.

As the account grew a following, so too did Pojo’s realisation that her own carefree and relaxed mentality around food and body image wasn’t common.

From there, creating a safe space for people struggling with diet culture, body image and disordered eating became the beating heart of the project.

Now, Models That Eat spans across Instagram, web, podcasting and YouTube continuing to share models' and public figures' stories about their careers, life and body image over the comfort of a hearty meal.

Managing to connect from the other side of the globe, we flipped the script and interviewed Pojo all about her wonderful work with Models That Eat to find out all about her love for food, and the importance of fostering a great relationship with your body.

Ruby: Hey Phoebe! To get started, tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Pojo: Hey! I'm Pojo, a model and creator based in NYC. I am the host and founder of Models That Eat, a safe space online for models to discuss their relationships with food. This year, we launched our podcast and it has been an absolute blast! Outside of that, I work on creative projects for brands, specifically in food, fashion and lifestyle.

Who are some 'Better People' that inspire you to become a 'Better' you?

I am constantly inspired by my friends and peers –– one that comes to mind is my dear friend Yara. Whenever we are together, she energizes me and motivates me to step into my truth. I am just so grateful to have friends that bring me peace, comfort, and joy. (If you're reading this, love you Yara!)

Another person is ...well, not to be that guy, but can I say my dogs? They always remind me to slow down and smell the roses. We have a lot to learn from pets, ya know!

@pojo and friends

In your opinion, how important is staying properly nourished and hydrated when it comes to the health of our skin and body?

One of the biggest lessons I had to learn this year is our health is all we have! I've reintroduced prioritizing my meal prep and water consumption after a visit with a nutritionist threw me for a loop. If you're like me and want to show your body some love, I think the most important ideology to adapt with food is that it is all about checks and balances.

Nourishing yourself does not mean depriving yourself from indulgent food, or eating bland meals. Invest your time into finding what fulfilling and nourishing combinations make your heart sing, and follow that intuition! The more time you put in, the better you will feel.

What's your favourite way to nourish yourself (food or movement)?

I feel nourished through disconnecting from the online world and eating alone. One of my daily must-haves is preparing myself a meal with no devices in the room, and simply eating. Connecting with my food that way is so magical! I also love pushing myself to the limit in personal training, and then wrapping with a breathing wind-down. That will change your life!

In terms of hydration, obviously water is great, but do you find electrolyte and antioxidant beverages to be just as useful in terms of overall health?

I feel like water definitely has its allies! I look for drinks that are naturally derived, and go hand-in-hand with my daily water intake. As long as I'm filling 80% of my liquid intake with those types of drinks, then I feel set and good to go.

Aside from hydration, what are your top tips for skin health?

Stress management is big. No joke, you can look at my skin and see how I'm doing mentally and emotionally. If you deal with anxious thoughts or depression like I have, I would highly recommend implementing some sort of daily health guidelines for yourself. Everyone will look a bit different, and that's the point! We all need different things. 

Besides the cooking practice I mentioned, my commitments are journaling daily, getting outside for a walk, and moving my body rigorously 4 to 5 days a week. It's never easy building habits, but give it a month and see how it makes you feel. 

Finally, what are some daily practices that allow you to feel like your best self?

I try to phone a friend once a day! Also, a daily checklist has changed my life. I use the app Things 3, it seriously makes the biggest difference for me. I love making a matcha latte in the morning for myself. Lastly, hugging a dog. These things take me to my happy place.

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